Stepping out from behind the mat

imagining the redefined self 

"Much of what we acquire in life isn’t worth dragging to the next leg of our journey. Travel light. You will be better equipped to travel far.” 
― Gina Greenlee, Postcards and Pearls: Life Lessons from Solo Moments on the Road

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​​Sometimes life takes unexpected twists and turns. Once again, mondo-mehndi is redefining itself. As my focus became more about teaching yoga, I realized that selling mats and art had taken a back seat to my new-found love. Now, we have decided to redefine retirement by downsizing and moving to Italy. Because we cannot take mats with us, Garage Grown Gear has purchased my inventory. If you would like to purchase mondo-mehndi’s yoga mats, you may do so here:

Thank you for your patronage over the years. It has been a pleasure to create art for you.